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There are many people named "David Barrett" throughout the world, this one lives on a mountainside, a long stone's through away from Mount Snowdon, in North West Wales, in the UK. 

Most of my time until recently was taken up as a Carer for my wife, Ardys Valerie Alferoff. Since she passed away I have been trying to keep well myself, and have to give many things that used to be my life.

In the spare time I used to have my interests centred around my computer and plants, especially herbs and other edible plants, with mints and scented (and other) pelargoniums being favourite. So the combination of the two interests were reflected in my websites. Start clicking.


Mentha - a website about mint plants   This is a picture of a Bowles' mint plant (Mentha x villosa alopecuroides), sometimes called applemint which should really be applied to Mentha suaveolens. This plant is fro my National Mentha Collection.  

Gardening in North Wales  events, nurseries, clubs, shows, gardens      

in memory of Valerie Alferoff 

scented pelargoniums    

unique pelargoniums    


There used to be others sites as well but as time became more precious I've had to let them go, or they went on their own ...
www.Mentha.org.uk     www.pelargoniums.net     www.scented.info    www.uniques.info     www.Northwales.NCCPG.info      www.B-G-S.org.uk      www.FertileFibre.co.uk      www.PWSL.info     www.Essex.pelargoniums.org.uk      www.7Gwelfor.info     www.TheCottageHerbery.co.uk      www.BPGS.org.uk     www.Penybriah.info     www.Basildon.pelargonium.org.uk      www.HistoricalPlants.co.uk     www.IGSRobin.info      



Plant Organisation Links (UK)

Herb Society

Garden Organic (Henry Doubleday Research Association)

Plant Heritage (National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens)

Hardy Plant Society

Royal Horticultural Society

The Pelargoniums and Geranium Society

Geraniaceae Group

Alpine Garden Society

Cottage Garden Society



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